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modern design bed with nightstand on Wedgwood InteriorsI find the world of interior design, DIY and exterior design very interesting. Designing, observing and even building elements to fit within specific interiors has also been something that both my parents and I enjoy.

Here at Wedgwood Interiors, you’ll find a range of topics on bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, general interior as well as exterior design. I also review and create guides on DIY projects for those that like to build things with their hands.

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Although I enjoy many different aspects of interior design, as of late I’ve decided to put more focus on bedroom furniture and design.

Lingerie Chests & Dressers

That’s what brings me to lingerie chests and dressers, a piece of furniture with an endless application for women and men alike. It’s almost always used in a bedroom and can be transformed in so many ways. Because of its importance, I’ve created a lingerie chest & dresser guide where I review a bunch of dressers. I’ve also made a compilation of 12 awesome DIY chest makeovers created by a bunch of very talented bloggers that readers seem to love here.

Beds and other types of bedroom furniture

A bedroom won’t be complete without a bed. That’s why I’ve decided to expand my reviews and create a few guides and blog posts on specific types of bed furniture. I’ve recently started a series on bunk beds and created a guide on triple bunk beds here because they are super versatile and come with many benefits.

For now, I want to thank you for visiting the Wedgwood Interiors blog! I hope you have an amazing time here, learn about interior design, get inspired, discover ideas, and find everything you are looking for!

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