Triple Bunk Bed Guide: 9 Awesome Options For 2020 (Metal, Wood & More)

kids in a 3 beds on top of each other

People buy triple bunk beds for all kinds of reasons. They are great for saving space in a small bedroom, apartment, loft, house, beach house or cottage. They are also a lifesaver and can help you be prepared when you have a bunch of family members coming to visit. It can even help with storing items.

Whatever your reason for needing one, I’ve got you covered with nine great options from Amazon. If you are a parent and have some safety concerns for your kids, be sure to take some time to read my safety guide.

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Priya Home Furniture

Priya Home Furniture brown

It’s a great feeling knowing your kids have a good bed to sleep in. This wooden triple bunk bed from Priya Home is ideal for small spaces. It comes with a side ladder for the 2nd and 3rd bunk level to make access easy. The bottom level sits right on the floor, which means that there is no option of storing stuff underneath.¬†However, for parents that are very safety conscious, this will be a great thing as you don’t have to worry about your kid climbing underneath the bed.

The bed is made of solid pine wood which showcases the beautiful finish and is available in walnut, white and grey. It also includes support slats on every bunk and does not require a box spring. On both the 2nd and 3rd level bunk, there are guardrails for safety.

  • Wooden support slats
  • Made of solid pine wood
  • A style that’s easily matched by other items
  • Guardrails for safety
  • No space for items underneath (find a different solution below)
  • Available in three colors


Dorel Living Sierra

Dorel Living Sierra trundle

The Dorel Living Sierra bed is a quality space-saving design that allows you to mix and match beds as you please. Not only is it great with kids who like and don’t mind sleeping on bunk beds, but it can comfortably accommodate adults as well. Each bed is detachable, which means it can be used as a triple bunk as shown in the image or converted into a daybed and bunk bed, or even three twin beds.

It is made of wooden materials that make it sturdy and is only available in white. Each bunk bed can accommodate a standard size twin mattress. The unique floor bunk design helps to optimize space and improve functionality for small bedrooms. It also comes with ladders, guardrails and bed slats.

  • Made from wood
  • It’s only available in one color
  • The floor bed is designed to optimize space
  • Beds are detachable and can be converted to suit your needs
  • Offers a 1-year warranty
  • Bed slats are included


Dorel Living Phoenix

white triple bunk bed from Dorel Living

Dorel Living Phoenix is made of solid wood and allows you to sleep in amazing style. It is a space saving design offering enhanced sleeping capacity for kids, family friends, visitors, and extended family similar to the Sierra version also from Dorel Living. It comes with a convertible bunk bed and daybed or three twin beds.

You can get it in a range of three beautiful colors. It features horizontal slats and clean lines with built-in ladders to access the upper bunks easily.

  • It is made of wood
  • Available in three colors: white, mocha, grey finish
  • Sturdy holding up to 165 lbs per bed
  • Floor bed design to maximize space and improve construction
  • Convertible to different beds


Cass County Twin

Cass County


This is a bunk bed made in the USA from solid pine and comes in a mahogany finish or unfinished if you want to add your touch to it. The beds are stackable, adding a level of customizability, which is always great.

The bunk is a little different than others when it comes to the ladders used. It only comes with one ladder in the front for the 2nd bed level. To get to the third level, you can climb on the beams on both sides. The top two bed levels have guardrails all around as well.

  • It has four full-length guardrails
  • The bed comes finished or unfinished
  • It comes with a front ladder and ladders on both sides
  • It has a 400lbs weight limit



Heavy Duty

metal bunk with sturdy frame

This a very sturdy and durable metal triple bunk bed that fit standard twin mattress sizes. Each bunk can accommodate up to 400 lbs. Keep in mind that beds aren’t detachable. What makes this bed design unique is that the guard rails are made from wood panels while the frame is metal.

These wood panels further reinforce the design and increase durability. There is one ladder on the side that reaches to the 3rd bunk.

  • Made with a metal/steel frame
  • It comes with wood panel guardrails on all sides of the bed
  • Carries a 400 lbs weight capacity per bunk
  • Beds are not detachablebutton

Coaster Home 401302

This charming bed is ideal for a kid’s bedroom. Its design is warm, elegant, and relaxed. These types of beds have built-in guardrails that offer maximum safety to your kid and comes with two ladders in the front. It’s only available in a white finish and is also detachable to use in multiple ways.

  • Made with solid pine wood
  • It comes with guardrails on two top bunks
  • It has two ladders in the front
  • The bed is only available in white
  • Beds can separate


HOMES: Inside + Out ioHOMES

HOMES: Inside + Out ioHOMES

If you have a little more space in your room or you’re not fond of three-level sleeping arrangements, this fun l-shaped triple bunk bed with storage capabilities is a good option. All beds are attached, and only the top bunk comes with guardrails seeing as there is only one top level.

The Kalan comes with one ladder which provides easy access to the top bunk and has ample storage underneath bottom beds. This a great alternative to other designs mentioned in this guide with regards to the shape, height, and for sorting out space difficulties.

  • Made of solid wood and wood veneers
  • L-shaped bed with only two sleeping levels
  • Comes in one color: dark espresso
  • It built with safety in mind and came with large guardrails


Coaster 460394T Home Furnishing

If you want a bed with extra durability and strength, this one made of metal from Coaster Home Furnishings is a great option. It’s a very sturdy option, and like most other beds can detach into three separate beds. Each bunk comes with slants, and the top two beds have large guardrails for maximum safety. It also includes two ladders.

  • Made from metal
  • Has a very sturdy design
  • It comes with deep/large guardrails
  • Beds are separable
  • It only comes in one color: black


ACME 38100 Cairo

The ACME 38100 is another triple bunk version made of metal, but this time around metal tubing was used. Like the Coaster Home bed above it has two in-built ladders from the front side making it easy for anyone to access the 2nd and 3rd bunk bed.

Guardrails with this bed offer maximum security. There are guardrails on each level significant enough to prevent anyone from falling out of bed. It’s available in both full size and twin size beds and comes in smooth white, silver, black, and gunmetal finishes.

  • Made from metal tubing
  • Beds are not detachable
  • Comes with guard rails on all bed levels
  • Is available in twin and full size
  • It comes in white, silver, black, and gunmetal finishes
  • Slat system included



There you have it, nine triple bunk beds for sale to choose from and within a wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and price points! If you can’t find a bed from Amazon you like, be sure to check out Walmart and Ikea as well. You can also find more ideas here on Home Edit as they have many great suggestions there as well. Remember to take a look at my other guides and content mentioned over here.