12 Amazing DIY Lingerie Chest Makeover Projects

12 Amazing DIY Lingerie Chest Makeover Projects

I just love bedroom furniture, and one of my favorite pieces are lingerie chests or dressers as many like to call them. I noticed that many bloggers had created custom DIY projects where they remake, redo or completely redecorate old dressers.

These projects are creative and great for getting ideas for your bedroom’s design and style. In most cases, they’ve either taken a vintage piece of furniture which was falling apart or used a simple second-hand item to complete the makeover.

Instead of searching for these by yourself I’ve decided to create a list of the best ones found online. I’ve listed over ten projects and referenced each blogger/furniture fundy so that you can get more insights if you’d like to replicate the project.

Liz Marie Blog

Liz Marie Blog black piece
Source: lizmarieblog.com

This DIY antique office drawers makeover is one that can be done in your own home. Liz Marie had stumbled upon a tall chest that could use a little TLC; she took it upon herself to fix it up into something spectacular for her office. The whole process was rather easy. First, she painted the dresser with two coats of Maison Blanche chalk paint in licorice.

She then rubbed chalk over the surface after it was dry, giving it that black, chalky finish that she was hoping for. To complete the look, she added antique-type hardware from a local antique shop. The best part about this is that you can customize it until you achieve the look you want!

Redhead Baby Mama

Redhead Baby Mama furniture project
Source: redheadbabymama.com

Thanks, Lindsey! She has shown us how to restore an old dresser without needing to sand it down. How did she do it? Liquid sandpaper, also known as deglosser, preferable the Rust-Oleum brand. Grab an old towel and rub the wood down in a ventilated area. Remember, deglosser isn’t a substitute for sanding, but it will undoubtedly help the paint stay on.

Once it’s deglossed, she chose a gray color, but you can choose something else if you would like. After the dresser is dry, add the hardware of your choice and voila! This is the simple way to restore a lingerie dresser if you don’t have the patience for sanding.

Salvaged Inspirations

blue piece by Salvaged Inspirations
Source: salvagedinspirations.com

Reinventing a $10 lingerie chest from the thrift store was a perfect and comfortable task for Denise. The first thing she did to start off her DIY project was to fix a broken piece of wood with some Bondo and a paint stick. Next, she used Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue chalk paint to give her dresser a vibrant color. She used approximately two coats of paint and some light sanding between each layer.

Then, the edges were very lightly sanded to give it a distressed look. Once done, a layer of satin sheen Annie Sloan Clear Wax was used to protect the paint. Once everything was dry, the beautiful hardware from Hobby Lobby was applied. And that’s it! A gorgeous and relaxing Sunday afternoon project.

Little House In The Big D

Little House In The Big D furniture
Source: littlehouseinthebigd.com

Samm was lucky enough to score a gorgeous lingerie chest for just $30 at a yard sale. The first thing she did was paint the knobs oil rubbed bronze color. They were still attached to the chest because she didn’t want to ruin the drawer linings. Unfortunately, it didn’t work in her favor, and she had to remove the felt linings anyway. To preserve the rest of the coating, she covered the holes with painters tape.

She then sprayed the entire piece down with spray paint primer and then put some regular primer on top of it. Once it was dry, it was painted with Swiss Coffee, by Dunn Edwards. Once dry, she used a Chevron stripe pattern on the sides with some Frogger tape. The grey paint was then added to the sides and on top of that Frogger tape. She then peeled off the tape and revealed a gorgeous two-tone underwear chest!

The Little Vintage Cottage

The Little Vintage Cottage diy project
Source: Littlevintagecottage.com

Even the ugliest of furniture can be restored if Tania has anything to say about it! She picked up this vintage lingerie chest for $14.99 at one of her local thrift shops. It was missing doors, had ugly coloring and it was stained inside some of the shelving. It was nothing that a little bit of paint couldn’t fix. She took some custom coloring that she used on one of her other projects and painted the piece.

Two coats were enough to make it look nice. To fix the staining issue inside, Tania used some wallpaper that happened to match the paint color she had just used. She secured it utilizing some Modge-Podge and a newspaper to make the pattern. She then wallpapered the back of it and cleaned what was left of the doors. With a little bit of robin’s egg blue paint, the knobs were restored. It didn’t cost a ton to repair it, and it looks fabulous!

Little Miss Maggie

French style furniture piece by Little Miss Maggie
Source: Littlemissmaggie1.blogspot.com

Maggie found a newer 4-drawer lingerie dresser at a flea market and brought it home to put her personal touches on it. She used a beautiful toile image on the top of the chest as well. Her process was pretty straightforward.

She sanded the chest down and used some chalk paint on it, but it still ended up with a smooth finish. She used Modge Podge to do the reverse image transfer but ended up having to decoupage the image the usual way, but it doesn’t give the hand-painted feel that comes with the Modge Podge technique.

She then used some wallpaper border that she got at a garage sale and applied it to the fronts of the drawers. The paint got applied over the wallpaper, as the directions stated, distressed the piece a little and ended up with a gorgeous antique vintage styled furniture piece.

Whitfield’s Home In The Country

Whitfield's Home In The Country blue and white chest
Source: whitfieldshomeinthecountry.blogspot.com

Carol is a genius when it comes to sprucing up old furniture and making it look magnificent. For this 6-drawer lingerie chest, she merely sanded it down with a palm sander just enough to take the laminate off of it and then gave it three coats of paint using a sponge roller.

She did one coat a day for three days, giving each layer ample time for drying. She used a mixture of a few different blue colors to provide the chest with an ombre look, painting each set of drawers a different shade of blue. She then coated the whole piece with some furniture paste wax to protect the final finish. It’s a gorgeous piece for a nursery or child’s room!

Alchemy Fine Living

Alchemy Fine Living red dresser with gold handles
Source: Alchemyfineliving.com

Deanna is a massive lover of lingerie dressers. She acquired a chest to paint for a client based off of design on Pinterest. For her to recreate the look, she first painted the furniture with a coat of white paint and then added two layers of a custom red blend purchased from Benjamin Moore.

Once the final coat of paint was dry, she then used 400 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the edges, making sure not to go through the white paint to the original finish. She then stripped the old hardware of any remaining color and applied a gold leaf color to give it a creamy looking patina. The result was just as beautiful as the one being replicated.

Start A Home Decor

Start A Home Decor white and yellow combination project
Source: Startathomedecor.com

Brooke found a stunning French underwear chest at a garage sale for a mere $10. It was one that had already been painted over, so it took a whopping 4-hours of sanding to find the original wood finish. She wanted to go with a yellow ombre look, so rather than buying full quarts of paint, she bought six samples, running around $5 per pint. She used Country Breeze, Lemon Grass, Goldendale, My Pleasure, Huntley Country and Medina coloring for each one of the drawers.

For the dresser itself, she used White Dove by Benjamin Moore. The hardware was updated using Rustoleum’s Metallic White gloss. She then used a dark brown glaze to bring all of the details out that were just waiting to be accented. In the end, she had a modernized one of a kind ombre furniture piece.

Just The Woods

metallic furniture by Just The Woods
Source: Justthewoods.com

Kandice purchased two lingerie chests from a private seller. She refurbished one of them and left the other to be worked on at a later time. The one she did feature romantic decoupaged drawers. The first thing she did was remove the hardware and fill the holes with some wood filler. She then used her template to mark the drawers in the center with perfection for the hardware. After that, the sanding had commenced.

The whole piece was sanded, prepped and cleaned. It was painted in different layers of gray. The inside of the drawers was hand painted a soft gray color, and the new clear crystal knobs were inserted into the drilled holes. Lastly, the outer sides of each drawer had different French prints attached to them to complete the elegant piece.

Just The Woods

green cabinet from Just The Woods
Source: Justthewoods.com

Oh, yay! Here’s another piece by Kandice. This time, she took a run down dark underwear chest with some solid wood construction and turned it into something gorgeous. She began by sanding her chest down with a sander to remove all of that old paint. She then sprayed the inside of the drawers, with a paint sprayer, a bright green, per the request of her client who absolutely loves bright colors. Between each coat, she sanded the green down for a smooth finish.

Once the drawers were finished, she painted the rest of the piece different shades of sage, cream colors, browns, and other soft greens. She ended up with seven different colors. She then gave the top of the dresser a gorgeous dark stain and sanded it smooth for a beautifully finished piece of furniture.

Sliver And Pink Nails

mirrored drawers by Sliver And Pink Nails
Source: Silverandpinknails.weebly.com

Mirrored dressers can be pricey! This is why Caroline decided to up-cycle a lingerie furniture piece into a mirrored one. All of her materials cost just a tiny amount of $38.62, and the dresser was free.

She started by taking all of the drawers out and hardware off of them and wiping it all down with a damp cloth. She then sanded any rough or uneven spots. She then loaded the dresser with multiple coats of metallic paint and let the drawers dry for a few days even though it only takes 24-hours.

She then had mirrors cut ⅛ inch shorter all around so they wouldn’t hit the dresser when closed. She then applied liquid nails to the back of the mirror and placed one on each drawer and then taped them on there to keep them steady while drying.

After that, she marked each drawer where she wanted to put the knobs and adhered them with Loctite. That’s all he had to do to create a $500 piece of furniture with just $38.62 in materials.

If you want first-hand experience in creating something similar, take a look at this video from “Fix This Build That”.